This book is set in a French Village where a single mother Vianne arrives with her daughter Anouk. This book was adapted into a movie in the year 2000.

Vianne turns an abandoned bakery into a Chocolate shop called La Ce’leste Praline. The local priest Father Reynaud is outraged with this because he considers chocolate as an addiction and as a tool of pagan practice. He believes chocolate leads to indulgence and sensuality.

Whereas Vianne is gifted with an ability to know each person’s taste for a particular kind of a chocolate. The priest with his belief that chocolate is associated with paganism continues to plot against Vianne. His dislike for especially increases when he gets to know that she is an unwed mother. Vianne being a perceptive person, befriends some local people, gypsies and Armande who is known as a local witch.

Little acts of kindness by Vianne is wrongly interpreted by others. As a community we often doubt a person who tries to live differently than set the norms.

On a lighter note as a chocolate lover it a necessary evil and a mood elevator.